Monday night back in 1987, John Madden made a surprising stop here at Chuy's with the desire to view the Monday night football game on television. Not only did he enjoy the football game, but our traditional, homemade Mexican food. Various times, Mr. Madden posted supportive articles in TIMES, Sports Illustrated, and various other publications of the restaurant, its location, and the generous hospitality he received during his visit. In 1993, he featured the restaurant on the All Madden Show. It was at that time, Mr. Madden named Chuy's Restaurant the" All Madden Hall of Fame".

John Madden has continued to visit the restaurant every year since then to not only enjoy the hospitality we offer but his favorite plate "Chicken Picado" No. 21 on our menu. We have had the pleasure of getting to know his wife and sons. They are great people! We truly consider John Madden a sincere friend and enjoy his hospitality when he visits. Our sincere Thanks to John Madden and his family for taking Chuy's Restaurant beyond the city limits and for giving supportive acknowledgment of one of Texas' finest Mexican Food restaurants.

We love Mr. Madden
and May God Bless him

The Uranga Family

Since 1959

Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant has a history dating back to the 1950’s. With strong ambition and hard work, Jesus “Chuy” and Marylou Uranga would eventually come together and successfully persevere. Growing up during the Depression Era was a very difficult time especially for Marylou. Born and raised in Van Horn, she found herself quitting school after fifth grade and working to help support her siblings. Chuy, born and raised in Marfa, succeeded in finishing high school then eventually signed up for the United States Army.


They married while he was still enlisted in the armed forces. The army taught Chuy that having a driven aspiration backed with a strong commitment would enable them to become successful business owners. In 1959, Chuy and Marylou embarked in challenging themselves to buying a small food drive-in business that had already failed under three previous owners. Interestingly, it was also a time when Hispanic business owners were uncommon. Despite the obstacles, the business, Dairy King, flared and became known as one of the best hamburger joints in this small community of Van Horn. Eventually, this hamburger drive-in would become a nationally known Mexican restaurant found in this western part of Texas.

The Urangas role modeled and instilled in their children and grandchildren the importance of establishing successful goals. In order to effectively accomplish them, it would require their self-driven ability to work hard and strongly desire to achieve despite any obstacles. Sadly, Jesus “Chuy” passed away in 2008. Paul, their son, would become the new restaurant owner. Alongside his mother, Paul has continued to strive on providing his restaurant guests with the traditional and exceptional homemade Mexican food found within this West Texas region. He continues to follow in his father’s footsteps in assuring that all his guests are provided with a respectful and hospitable Mexican dining experience.